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Interested in hearing from us? Tell us about your portfolio.

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Reorganization for your RE organization

Collaboration software for the world's largest asset class

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I never want to go back to our old tracker. It is so much easier to identify what is going on at the property level by using PropUp. It’s so easy to see if we need to reallocate labor in different units, or call in additional vendors to help. Best of all, PropUp makes it clear what properties are running smoothly and where we may need more attention.

Cassie B.

Operations Manager,
Regency Property Management

"Awesome app! The speed they move on new features is amazing."

Kyle S.

Vice President,
Dunleer Group

We’ve had major success reducing turnover downtime after launching PropUp. Main time saver is on the renovation and make-ready side. We never miss or forget any repairs thanks to PropUp inspections and tasks. We used to average 10 units under make-ready/renovation and 20 vacant in lease-up. Now we have 1 in renovation and only 8 vacancies! PropUp is a powerful tool to automate the entire turn process, which is the biggest challenge in property management. This is our biggest success of the year! Cheers to all!

Lili X.

Asset Manager,
Westin Management

PropUp Features

Unit Turnover Workflow

Automated workflow to push units through the turnover process more efficiently, automatically assigning ownership of workflow steps and tasks based on your preferences and staffing structure. Gain control over and transparency into the unit turnover process. No more make-ready boards and spreadsheet trackers. No more renovation timelines slipping through the cracks.

Mobile Inspections

PropUp is more than just unit turns. Run year-round maintenance on our mobile maintenance app. Featuring a full suite of easy-to-use, fully customizable inspections for your move-outs, periodic walks, quarterly preventative maintenance, punch-outs and anything else you want to create.

Workflows & Collaboration

PropUp is project management for the world's largest asset class. We take all of your various workflows, checklists, whiteboards, notepads and trackers and centralize them into one place. Fully integrated with your PMS, Slack, Teams and email, PropUp allows for real-time collaboration among staff, technicians and vendors for any project from individual unit turns to major capital improvements.

Work Order Management

PropUp is your year-round repairs and maintenance app. Field technicians no longer need to juggle between apps when shuffling between resident service requests and turnover or capex-related tasks. Everything is housed in PropUp's easy-to-use mobile app. PropUp's reliable offline mode means you never again have to worry about photos, inspections and checklists getting lost in the ether. Tie work order creation to purchase orders and invoices inside your PMS for further time saving automation.

See PropUp in action

Which property management platform do you currently use? Yardi? AppFolio? MRI? RealPage? Entrata? PropUp doesn't replace it, we make them all better, which in turn makes everyone better at their job and drives property performance. Watch our 3 minute "fly-over" video and let us know if you want a personal demo of how PropUp can help you and your team.

Get answers to your questions about PropUp and our property management plugin.

How do I get set up with Propup?

Contact us through our website or email and one of our team members will be in touch about on-boarding and integrating your existing property management software.

Is PropUp a new, standalone property management platform meant to replace my Yardi, Appfolio or RealPage subscription?

No. PropUp integrates with your existing property management software as a seamless add-on, filling in the gaps where those platforms fall short or ask you to pay big bucks for a la carte features.

Will PropUp disrupt my regular property management software and normal operations during onboarding?

No. Since PropUp is an integration and not a replacement of your existing property management software, there will be no disruption to your day-to-day while we get you setup.

Does PropUp work with my property management software?

PropUp integrates with all of the major property management platforms, including Yardi, RealPage, AppFolio, ResMan, Entrata, Fortress and more.

How long will it take to get set up in PropUp?

Depending on the complexity of your integration and the number of properties and units in your portfolio, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to get you fully onboarded. We can train up to six team members at once in one 60 minute training session.

What does PropUp cost?

PropUp is priced simply at $1 per unit, per month.

Who is Propup for?

PropUp is for multi-family owners, operators, property managers, vendors and contractors.

Is PropUp still useful for me if I outsource property management and other services?

Yes! PropUp may be even more useful for such investors/owners since it gives them significantly more control over and in transparency into the operation of their portfolios.

Can my vendors and contractors use PropUp?

Yes. The PropUp mobile app is specifically designed for project managers and construction staff to oversee and manage unit turnovers. They can create and send out scopes of work directly in the PropUp app and your contractors and vendors can see job details and send in bids right back to your staff.

Will my on-site management staff be able to learn the software quickly?

Yes. One of our core values is simplicity of design. We know property management software can come with steep learning curves and unapproachable interfaces, so we designed PropUp to be the exact opposite. Sleek design and a user-friendly interface make PropUp a breeze to learn.

How does Prop improve resident management?

PropUp adds key funcitionality, automation and optimization around unit turnovers, lease renewals, delinquency management, and executive dashboards.

Can I get rid of my make-ready board with PropUp?

Yes! PropUp's core feature is its unit turnover workflow, which automatically assigns responsible parties to each step of your fully configurable

Will my residents need to start using PropUp as well?

No. PropUp is a tool solely for ownership/management and you will not have to get your tenants onboarded in order to use the product.

Does PropUp have any KPI tracking?

Yes. PropUp is filled with fully configurable KPI’s for users to track both property and personnel performance.

Does PropUp have alerts to let my team know when items are coming due?

Yes. You can set up PropUp to fully align with your own best business practices and it will let you know exactly when items are on-time, coming due or past due, so nothing falls through the cracks.

What makes PropUp different from similar softwares?

We don’t think there’s any product on the market doing what PropUp does to centralize so many different areas of multi-family operations.

Can I integrate my teams’ PropUp dashboards into my property management software?

Not yet, but that feature is coming soon to Yardi, RealPage and other PM systems with two-way API availability.

What enhancements can I expect PropUp to roll out in the near future?

Expect significantly more KPI and reporting functionality, as well as the ability to export and download data. We will also be adding our core turnover, renewals and delinquency functionality to a mobile application meant for asset managers and property managers.