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PropUp makes every property management platform better

Better coordination

Visualize your inventory at a glance with a comprehensive, end-to-end view of your portfolio's turnovers. Each tile represents a turn and with a single click you can zoom in to see its status and details. A robust ticket and comment system keeps all stakeholders informed and connected.

Better reporting

Time and quality based KPIs keep turns moving rapidly and all personnel and vendors on task for the entire lifecycle. Want to know how your property managers are faring or which maintenance techs are performing optimally? Reports handle this and much more, allowing you to institute best practices and make key personnel decisions.

Better transparency

Increased team transparency has a domino effect including increased communication, cooperation, efficiency, productivity, and overall faster turns, saving you money by reducing vacancy loss and optimizing your leasing operation.

About PropUp

PropUp is

A 3rd party app that integrates into your existing property management software

A set of tools that perfectly complement your existing property management kit

A set of customizable KPIs to unlock personnel efficiencies and track deadlines and timelines to maximize revenue

A way to create more visibility into your vacancy management process

A user friendly interface that everyone on your staff can master and enjoy

A suite of features that your team will use every day

PropUp is not

Just another digital make ready board

A standalone property management software or replacement for what you currently use

An expensive suite of à la carte features

Clunky and counterintuitive for your everyday employees

Merely a tool for construction management and unit turnovers

All plan features

Turnover Management

Our automated workflow guides units from move-out to move-in, automatically assigning ownership of workflow steps and tasks based on your preferences and staffing structure. You gain visibility and transparency into the unit turnover process. No more information gaps, frustration and question marks about what’s going on where. No more renovation timelines slipping through the cracks.

Personnel Management

Track, in real time, team members' tasks and goals across your portfolio's unit turnover process. Where and why are there delays? How can you help? Find out with the click of a button which of your properties have available leasing inventory or which properties are lagging behind on finishing renovations. Use this data to make better decisions about staffing and personnel within your operation to drive asset performance and increase your bottom line.

Property & Portfolio Dashboards

Turnover inventory, leasing inventory, personnel tracking and other KPIs are aggregated in a simple dashboard that provides your team a quick but comprehensive snapshot of each property's vacant inventory. PropUp goes above and beyond current management software to organize information that is often manually tracked in decentralized systems. Save time for you and your staff with immediate access to key information.

API Integration

PropUp integrates with your PMS, providing real-time, live data, and tons of automation. No duplicative data entry. No wondering where you left that note or what spreadsheet you edited. Your PMS and PropUp sync back and forth to give you a comprehensive source of truth.

Customizable Board Builder

Finally a true white board replacement. Build an easy to use, fully customizable board for your make readies, renovations, move-out walks, whatever! Complete with real-time, live data, it’s the best digital board on the market.

Vendor Management

Third party vendors are integrated into the turnover workflow with assignable tickets. Generate scopes of work and send them out to a desired list of contractors and subcontractors for bid solicitation. Schedule jobs on your board and keep tabs on completion timelines to get out in front of issues before they become costly problems.

See PropUp in action

Which property management software do you currently use? Yardi? AppFolio? Entrada? RealPage? PropUp doesn't replace it, we make them all better, which in turn makes you better at your job. Watch our 3-minute "fly-over" video and let us know if you want a personal demo of how PropUp can help you and your team(s).