PropUp makes every property management platform better

Better coordination

We didn’t create the Kanban Board, but we did find another ideal use for it—unit turnover workflow. Quickly get a graphic representation of where every unit is in your turnover process. Want to dig deeper? Simply click on the Kanban tile and zoom into the details.

Better reporting

No matter your role, function, or assignment(s) within the unit turnover process, get real-time summary reports to help manage resource allocation, unit availability and timelines, accounts receivable, and more to help you do your job—better.

Better transparency

Increased team transparency has a domino effect including increased communication, cooperation, efficiency, productivity, and overall faster turns.

About PropUp

PropUp is

A 3rd party App that integrates into your existing property management platform.

A set of tools that perfectly complement your existing property management toolset.

A set of customizable KPI’s to maximize personnel efficiencies.

A way to unlock more transparency into your unit turnovers and property operations.

The key to organized renewals and delinquency management.

A user friendly interface that anyone on your team can master.

A suite of features that your team will use every day.

PropUp is not

A standalone property management software or replacement for what you currently use.

An expensive system of a la carte features.

Clunky and counterintuitive for your everyday employees.

Just a tool for construction management and unit turnovers.

All plan features

Turnover Management

Automated workflow to push units through the turnover process more efficiently, automatically assigning tasks to users based on property and workflow phase.

Personnel Management

Seamlessly shift and monitor responsible parties as your organization grows to ensure your portfolio turnovers are running as efficiently as possible.

Delinquency Management

PropUp automatically pulls delinquent balances from your property management system and provides a system for PMs to track qualitative feedback of each balance.

Renewals Management

PropUp pulls upcoming expirations from your property management system to allow users to track renewal pipeline status in an organized manner.

Property Dashboards

Turnover inventory, delinquency, renewals, and other key KPIs are aggregated in a simple dashboard that provides your team an all encompassing snapshot of each property and your portfolio as a whole.

API Integration

Leverage API integration to automatically pull occupancy, delinquency, available rental inventory, renewal information and more.

My Tasks

As units progress through your customized turnover workflow, users are presented an organized tickler list of every turnover in their portfolio.

Vendor Ticketing

Third party vendors are integrated into the turnover workflow with assignable tickets.

Scope and Bid Approval

Generate scopes of work and send them out to a desired list of contractors and subcontractors for bid solicitation.

See PropUp in action

Which property management platform do you currently use? Yardi? AppFolio? MRI? RealPage? PropUp doesn't replace it, we make them all better, which in turn makes you better at your job. Watch our 3-minute "fly-over" video and let us know if you want a personal demo of how PropUp can help you and your team(s).