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Clear and Simple Pricing

PropUp has simplified pricing. There is no need to select your features or options, everyone gets our “platinum” offering for the simple price of $1/unit.

Per unit per month

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With PropUp

Organized and efficient with workflow and task owners assigned each step of the way

Data and information are centralized and accessible to your entire organization, providing increased control and transparency

Workflow is integrated with your existing property management software to minimize manual data entry and free up valuable time

Without PropUp

Managed on their own on a whiteboard in the back of a property management office, allowing tasks and timelines to slip through the cracks

Disconnected from the rest of your management tools creating additional busy-work and manual data entry to keep everyone informed

Left to the timelines and attention of your vendors and contractors, eliminating any control you could have over their processes


With PropUp

Immediate answers to the most pressing questions about your properties’ leasing inventory, down units, renewals and delinquency.

Fully configurable KPI’s to track and monitor portfolio and personnel performance.

Centralized data at your fingertips to save you time and energy

Without PropUp

No single source of truth for key information about your operations

KPI tracking spread around multiple software systems with expensive à la carte pricing

Frustration and aggravation because of time spent compiling data from constant phone calls, emails and IM’s to team members


With PropUp

Customize, track and sort by team member or property to identify problem areas and take action in your portfolio

Elevate performance and instill best practices so you can confidently scale your portfolio and hire effectively

See performance in real-time and take proactive steps to improve your vacancy management before you lose money to unnecessary delays

Without PropUp

Time consuming and frustrating to put together with spreadsheets, note pads and internal trackers operating a clunky system of reporting

No automation to quickly sort and filter property or personnel performance to get exactly the answers you want when you want them

Incomplete and always leaving you wondering whether you can truly scale your operation, hire the people you need and get peak performance from them

Inventory Management

With PropUp

Always know your hottest floor plans and best performing finish levels

Achieve faster response rates from your tenants to help you plan and schedule make-readies far in advance of vacancies

Track your tenant retention rate and loss to lease with custom KPI’s to help hit business plan goals

Without PropUp

Time lost confirming offer rates and details with team members

Increased unit down time from late tenant responses after the notice period, delaying make-readies

Rent rates suffer when offers go out before new rates are confirmed